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Grammy-winning rapper T-Pain has announced plans to release an auto-tune free Christian album this fall.

According to Pain, he is very spiritual.

“A lot of people don’t know this about me,” he said, “but I am a deeply spiritual person. Dude, I go to church just as much as I go to the strip club. That’s saying something.” Pain went onto reveal that he will also be abandoning the famed Auto-Tune program that he has become synonymous with over the past five years. “Once that guy from ‘Saturday Night Live’ started using it,” Pain said, referring to his viral hit “I’m On A Boat” with Andy Samberg, “I called on God. I was like, ‘Lord, you have to help me, who is this dude!?'” The album, which is tentatively titled Even Heaven Got A VIP, is due out September 9th on Jive/Nappy Boy. “I know this album might surprise people,” Pain said, “but I am a sensitive guy. I don’t sit just around and watch Scarface and drink Henny all day. In fact, I just got through watching The Notebook. You ever seen that movie? That sh*t is beautiful.” (MySpace Music)

Last month, Pain said he wanted to take a different approach on his upcoming secular album, RevolveR.

“It’s definitely something different for me,” Pain said in an interview about his new release. “It’s something new that I haven’t really touched. I went more towards what I’ve been trying to do, and figured people wouldn’t accept yet. I mean it’s kinda hard for people to accept what I’m doing you know what I’m saying? I don’t know why. If I do a song, and then somebody else does the exact same song, [critics] like the other person’s song before mine’s for some reason, I have no idea why. It’s been that way for a long time.” (The Boom Box)

Pain recently said he would limit the amount of guest features to prove his own talent.

The album features some of his familiar hallmarks: Auto-Tune and “a lot of sex and alcohol. That’s a main topic,” he said.”I had to slow down on guest appearances, because a lot of people were saying that Thr33 Ringz was only as good as it was because it had a lot of people on there. I just wanted to prove some people wrong. I wanted to test myself to see if that was the case. It was so many people on the last album, it should have been a DJ Khaled album.” (MTV)

Based on a Pain interview from March, the album will drop this month.

T-Pain also shed some light on the progress of his latest album “RevolveR,” commenting that physical recording wrapped up last Wednesday (March 3) and that the project was now in its mixing and mastering phase. The album, T-Pain says, should be out some time in April. (Billboard)