Did you know we have an organization for Superhero’s in the DFW? That’s right! Myles Place Foundation is all about fighting for inclusivity and raising awareness for those with Superpowers like Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and other special abilities.

Photo Courtesy Myles Place Foundation


None of this would be possible without Founder/CEO Kiarra Grey, a Desoto resident whose little brother Myles is the inspiration for the non-profit. Myles, who recently graduated from Cedar Hill High School’s Adult Program has the Down Syndrome Superpower. He loves fashion, enjoys playing sports, and was so popular that his Senior class voted him Homecoming King! However, outside of school, big sister Kiarra noticed there weren’t many activities designed for Myles and his friends to hang out. Even if she did find cool events, they weren’t always accessible to cater to Myles special needs. She then came up with the idea to start the Myles Place Foundation and create fun, safe spaces for EVERYONE to enjoy together. Grey stands by the organizations Mission Statement that, “Together, we can build a future where all individuals, regardless of their abilities, have the freedom to pursue their dreams and live lives filled with dignity, joy, and endless possibilities.”

Check out Myles Place Foundation Founder/CEO Kiarra Grey on how she started the non-profit and how to get YOUR Superhero involved!




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