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Here’s what you need to know on Tuesday, November 29th, 2022



1. White Supremacist Pleads Guilty in Supermarket Massacre


BUFFALO, NY - MAY 14: A gunman, Peyton Gendron, has been taken

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What You Need to Know:

A self-described White supremacist appeared in New York state court Monday where he pled guilty to the murders of ten Black people and the wounding of three others six months ago at a Buffalo grocery store. 19-year-old Peyton Gendron admitted guilt to 25 state charges, including 10 first-degree murder charges, 10 counts of second-degree murder, and a charge of domestic terrorism motivated by hate. The hate crime charge is accompanied by an automatic sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The guilty plea means there will not be a state trial in the mass shooting of employees and patrons of the Tops Friendly Supermarket in a Black neighborhood on the east side of Buffalo, NY. The case now moves to the sentencing phase. The outcome is already known. The hearing, scheduled to take place on February 15, 2023, will provide something that has been denied thus far. Surviving victims and the families of the deceased victims will be given the opportunity to go on the record as they address the shooter in court.

2. Can President Biden Ban Assault Weapons by 2024?


President Joe Biden meet with business and labor leaders

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What You Need to Know:

Gun control returned as a leading topic over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, with President Joe Biden and other prominent Democrats issuing fresh calls for a ban on assault weapons for the general public.

At the same time, questions were raised about the funding of law enforcement agencies in places that refuse to enforce so-called red flag laws, after shooting tragedies in Virginia and Colorado in the last two weeks.

Lawmakers are taking aim at military-style weapons like the AR-15, a popular choice for mass shooters. The AR-15 was used at an LGBTQ night club in Colorado last weekend; different firearms were used in the shootings of University of Virginia football team players earlier in the month and at a Walmart store, also in Virginia, two days before Thanksgiving, in a tragic spate of violence.

3. Hawaii Gov. Ige Looks Back on Coronavirus, Tourism Shutdown


Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Erupts Forcing Evacuations

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What You Need to Know:

As Hawaii’s governor, David Ige, faced a volcanic eruption that destroyed 700 homes, protests blocking the construction of a cutting-edge multibillion-dollar telescope, and a false alert about an incoming ballistic missile. During the COVID-19 pandemic, tourism shut down and Hawaii’s unemployment rate soared to 22.4%.

Crisis response is one way, to sum up, the Democrat’s eight years leading Hawaii, which is due to wrap up when his successor, Lt. Gov. Josh Green, is inaugurated on Dec. 5.

“It’s stressful, especially during public health emergencies,” Ige said during a recent interview reflecting on his two terms in office. “There are people who don’t like what you do and they don’t like decisions made. And today, they can let you know that.”

4. Ex-Police Officer Receives Light Sentence in Murder of Unarmed Black Man



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What You Need to Know:

On September 20, ex-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania officer Eric Ruch Jr., who is White, was sentenced to less than two years for the 2017 shooting death of Dennis Plowden, an unarmed Black man.

“No, we are not happy about the results…But as a family, we are trying to move on and heal”, said Plowden’s widow, Tania Bond, after Ruch was convicted of 11-and-a-half to 23 months in prison. The sentence also includes parole eligibility and carries no financial penalties.

Ruch is the first officer in Philadelphia’s history to be convicted for the death of a civilian.

5. Tips For Buying a Home in a Cooling Market


Sold house For Sale sign in a residential neighbourhood

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What You Need to Know:

Becoming a homeowner can be challenging enough under good circumstances. Demand is slowing, which overall works in buyers’ favor. Whether you’re looking at buying soon or down the road, these tips will help you be better prepared for the purchase.

How much home you can afford

This means having a good handle on your current financial situation, understanding your budget, what are your expenses, and how much are you spending. While the purchase of a house is a single transaction, affordability is largely about monthly mortgage payments. Think about spending between 25% and 28% of your gross monthly income on your payment, including taxes and insurance.

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