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Dallad Carnival

Source: Dallas Carnival / Online Editor: Reagan Elam

This weekend (September 16th-18th 2022) residents of DFW can enjoy a multi-ethnic experience filled with food, music, live entertainment and so much more!

People from all over the world unite through expression in this four-day extravaganza which will include Mas Bands, dancing, singing, food, and other entertainment. Mas (short for masquerade) Bands participants dress in costumes, masks and other disguises to dance through the parade route. With nine Mas Bands and counting in this year’s parade it’s a long way from its small beginnings. 

Party goers have a wide variety of events to attend Including the Black Ops, Jouvert, and White Lies party; With a finale fit for all ages “Parade of the Bands!”

Dallad Carnival

Source: Dallas Carnnival / Online Editor: Reagan Elam

Today Carnival is celebrated all over the world and it’s become extremely popular in major cities like New York, Miami, LA, and now Dallas! Since 2014, it’s grown rapidly from one truck and a couple of dancers to bringing in over 3,000 people for last year’s festivities. There will be food trucks with classic Caribbean and other cultural delicacies and music for miles with dancers encouraging you to move your body. The festivities open up with the most anticipated parade of Mas Bands. The Mas Bands will showcase bright colorful traditional costumes and perform for the title win and a $3000 grand prize. Following the parade will be live performances from traditional & recent soca music artists.

This twist on Carnival first began in Trinidad and Tobago finding its roots in Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras traditions. The Caribbean islands welcomed their native culture through dress, music, and dancing. Each one enfuses their unique local cultures by celebrating with costumes and dancing, you can experience a different flavor of Carnival depending on where you visit.


  • Jouvert: Friday, September 16th
    • Juicy Pig Ranch, 4526 Cedardale Dr
  • White Lies: Saturday, September 17th 
    • Location to be determined!!!
  • Parade of the Bands: Sunday, September 18th
    • Joe Pool Lake, 5610 Lake Ridge Parkway Grand Prairie 


Tickets are available Here