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Although cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp are legal in Texas, marijuana is still illegal. Here are 5 facts to know when celebrating the unofficial holiday for cannabis lovers to ensure a safe 4/20.

  1. What does the Cite and Release policy in Dallas mean? Can a person get arrested for getting stopped with Marijuana? As of December 2019, police no longer arrest people for being in possession of small amounts of marijuana – 4 ounces is the cut-off.
  2. State law says that possession of less than 2 oz of marijuana is a Class B misdemeanor.
  3.  WE are still in a whole pandemic. It has been recommended to clean all marijuana equipment before and after each use, avoiding sharing joints or bongs with the people you’re quarantining with and utilizing delivery services that minimize risk of exposure.
  4. You CAN be addicted to weed.  It may seem impossible to misuse marijuana, but data from the National Institute on Drug Abuse confirms that nearly 30 percent of people who use cannabis develop some form of marijuana use disorder.
  5. Even though the effects of THC only last a few hours, traces of it can stay in the body for weeks or months.

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