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DENTON – A Denton woman said a “free massage” left her feeling uncomfortable and ended with her calling the police.

The 21-year-old woman, who did not want to be identified, said she regrets opening her door Monday afternoon and allowing a stranger posing as a massage school student inside her home.

“I played it in my mind how many times, and I was like shocked at myself,” she said. “Like, why would you ever do that? Like, why didn’t you ask for a student ID?”

The incident began when a man who appeared to be in his 20s wearing a T-shirt, cargo pants and flip flops knocked on her door. He told the young woman he was a student who needed credit for a massage class and was offering free massages. She allowed him inside and he gave her a massage on her couch using her own lotion.

However, she said it was a brief massage because she quickly stopped him when he began running his hand too far up her leg. He left after giving her a hug and commenting on her physique.

“I know that I am very lucky,” she said of it not going any further than that.

Denton police said they worry this might not be his first victim and that he may go further next time if he tries again.

“Is he going to sexually assault someone?” said Officer Ryan Grelle, Denton Police Department. “I hope not. We hope not. But, we don’t know.”

The young woman admitted she learned a lesson the hard way.

Denton police said the only crime the individual committed was hugging her, which is called contact assault, a Class C  misdemeanor. She consented to everything else.

Investigators said they hope to find the man or any other victim with similar stories.