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Don’t write off the roses you may receive this Valentine’s Day as unoriginal.  There may be more to those roses than meets the eye – each color the romantic flower comes in, has a special meaning.

Valentines day

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According to the dedicated flower site, the following colors hold significant representation:

Red – The most traditional color choice when it comes to roses, the red rose is a symbol of romantic love. Usually given in a long stem form, if you have someone you want to express your undying love for, stick with this color.

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Purple – Although not exactly red, the pink rose, the subdued color that it is, represents refinement, and is often given as a sign of high esteem or appreciation. So if there is someone that you’ve admired for a long time and didn’t know how to express it, pink roses would communicate the message for you.

Yellow– If you are giving yellow roses to someone this Valentine’s Day, it probably means that you think of this person as someone who brings joy to your life and is a great friend; because that is exactly what the yellow rose represents.

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Orange – This color probably is not seen too often in rose form, and that is possibly a good thing because orange represents feelings of passion, desire and excitement when it comes to romance. If you are not feeling that in your relationship, perhaps it is beneficial that it is more difficult to randomly pick up a bouquet of orange roses. You don’t want the wrong message communicated.

Lavender – Distinctive and beautiful, the lavender rose signifies enchantment and is often taken as conveying love at first sight. So if you are a romantic at heart and love the stories of fairy tales, sweep that special someone off their feet by giving them a bouquet of lavender colored roses.

So, now that you have all of the colorful meanings of the rose, get ready to pay a pretty penny. Why are roses so expensive?

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