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Jordan Kimball Puts A Sweet Spin On Valentine's Day With Baskin-Robbins

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Alright Fellas!  You forgot, got too busy, or didn’t care enough to buy your spouse, girlfriend, friend, WIFE a Valentines Day I love you gift!  SHAME!  But…we got your back on the last minute Valentines Day gift Ideas!

1. A CARD not a 99 cent card but a card that really tells how you feel

2. Flowers, since its the day of, they will be more expensive but hey girls like flowers!

3. Candy, nothing says I love you like Chocolates

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4. Sexy wear…nothing says I love you and love being with you like sexy night wear. Hey gift idea to you too fellas :)

5. Horse and Carriage ride…nice & simple plus different


Tough Love

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6. Jewelry nice earrings/bracelet/necklace..RING! if you haven’t already!

7. Something for the house or if you don’t live together

8. Candles

9. Car Wash/Detailed..nothing says I love you, then having your girl ride around in a nice, clean ca

10. Of course…Dinner date to HER favorite place!

Did I help! Good luck and enjoy!

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