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Rickey Smiley is hosting a drive-in comedy show! Here’s why it’s a great idea:

5. You Can Cry in the Car

DART police officer cries at Hospital After Dallas Shooting

Source: Ting Shen / The Dallas Morning News

So let’s say you’re, I don’t know…at a comedy show, and they get to talking about grandmas. If you’re me, you might wanna cry, but not in front of everyone. Problem solved: you’re already in the whip, so let the tears fly and get back to the show.

4. You Can Cuddle in the Car

Connecting... - Season 1

Source: NBC / Getty

Last time I cuddled in the movies, I was 14. But if we in a warm, comfy car, full of that drank…..long as you don’t drive a 2-seater, you can have some fun.

3. You Can Cuss in the Car

Lil Wayne Referee Incident

Source: A Plus / WHHL

If you think I cuss on radio, you should hear me during the commercials. So now I don’t have to censor myself, and can still enjoy a public outing?? Count me the F*CK IN!

2. You Can Kiss in the Car

Kimbella Juelz kiss

Source: VH1 / VH1

You and bae finally got a date night, and the best part is, you don’t have to leave the whip! And now you can look each other in the eyes and kiss and fondle each other, without worrying about my single ass hating on you.

1. You Can Comedy in the Car

Drive In Comedy & Karaoke

Source: Ion Digital / Upload by: Reagan

This pandemic won’t be over any time soon, so who kicking it?? So instead of risking infection being around people, stay in your car, see the show, and hear it through your radio! Sounds unrealistic? Well Rickey has a show November 13th at Fair Park. See u there! In your car.

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