The Beat DFW Daily Video

If a global pandemic isn’t reason enough for you to put on a mask, I have 5 other perfectly logical reasons for you to do it.

5. You Didn’t Wax Your Beard – Look sis, I’m not here to judge you for having some stray hairs on your chin. And I know you’ve been busy. So instead of holding your head down, just throw on a mask! Nobody will know you’re a grown woman with a 5 o’clock shadow.

4. Your Breath Stinks – Not only will you prevent the spread of Covid, but you’ll prevent the spread of every woman you might wanna date, knowing you don’t brush your tongue.

3. You Can’t Find Your Chapstick – Ain’t nobody got time to be licking their lips like LL Cool J in the 90’s. Lips more dry than my DMs a year ago. Just put on the mask, go to the store, and get some Carmex.

2. To Gas Yourself – You don’t stand in line at the club, you don’t text first, and Yella Beezy once reposted your story. You’re clearly very important. So wear a mask whenever you don’t wanna be bothered by your 172 Instagram followers.

1. You Haven’t Been to the Dentist – You got a beautiful, pearly white picket fence….behind your lips. But if you put on a mask, nobody will know, and you’ll still be a bad chick…from the nose up.