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Early voting in Texas begins today (October 13), and if you were hesitating about going early, here are some reasons why it’s always better to be early:

5. You’ll Have a Place to Sit – Whether it’s a bus, a concert, or a classroom, not only will you have a place to sit, but thanks to people voting for it, if you’re black, you can sit in the front.

4. To Have a Good Seat – As someone who’s 5’4” with heels on, having a place in the front is important. Picture me at the 2008 presidential inauguration, stuck looking at the back of people’s heads, instead of the first black president, and the first First Lady with a silk press, be sworn in.

3. You Can Look Down on Others – Picture your homegirl rushing you tell you this piece of news that you knew about forever ago. Can’t wait to say “whew you LATE!!” Kinda like how we were late realizing the 13th amendment made slavery legal if you’re incarcerated….and just now trying to fix it.

2. You Might be First – You could change history simply by being early. Like Claudette Colvin, the first to be arrested for refusing to give up her seat to a white woman on a Montgomery bus. And even though Rosa Parks stole her shine and became the face of the movement, we have the Internet now so you’ll certainly get your credit.

1. You’ll be Famous – Who doesn’t want their 15 minutes of fame? Today is a great day to get dressed, drive to a polling location and vote early! The lines are long but the news is there! Now you can vote early AND go viral! Just don’t embarrass us.