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CNN Anchor Brings Receipts For Black Donald Trump Supporter On Air

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Why these news networks continue to interview these people we never know, but as long they continue to waste time in doing so, they need to continue to hold them accountable on-air.

Wednesday (Sept.30) on CNN, T.W. Shannon, the co-chair for Black Voices for Trump (yes, this really exists), made a complete fool out of himself on national television. Anchor Brianna Keilar tried her best to get an answer out of the Trump bootlicking coon when she asked him why  Donald Trump “did not condemn white supremacists” and basically weaponized the Proud Boys during his disastrous “debate” performance with Joe Biden on Monday.

Like every Trump stumper, Shannon responded with a lie claiming that agent orange said he would condemn white supremacy “three times,” Kielar responded back, “But then he didn’t.”

Shannon continued with the alternative facts stating:

“How many times does the President have to have this conversation? At some point, the media has to accept his answer. He’s condemned it, at least seven times that I can google real quick and find it, and he said it last night — he called out that group by name.”

That’s really funny.

El Trumpito told reporters on Wednesday before he departed for his rona rally super spreader event in Minnesota, you know the same ones where he said one catches COVID-19 (except for Herman Cain), that he didn’t know who the Proud Boys were.

Anyway, the “interview” turned into a back and forth with Keilar and Shannon shouting over each other. BUT, Keilar did manage to put Shannon in his place when she read off a long list of instances of Donald Trump doing what he does best, and that is being a racist bigot.

You can watch Keilar make a fool out of the Trump bootlicker in the video below.

Photo: Pacific Press / Getty

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