Cardi B filed for divorce from Offset….again! And here’s why we should all leave that man and be alone!

5. Your Single Friends Need You

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I mean it’s cool that your Friday nights include wine and romance, but wouldn’t a sleepover with your lonely ass friends be better…? So drop that man and get with the plan…the plan, to get your girl a man, so she can leave you…

4. He’s Not Romantic Enough

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Y’all couldn’t go to the beach, so he set up the crib like the beach! Picnic blanket, nice card, wine….but he didn’t even have wine glasses! The blanket didn’t match the curtains, the card wasn’t Hallmark…listen you deserve someone who knows exactly what you want, because he can read your mind and knows exactly what you want, without you having to tell him!

3. Cause You Don’t Need no Man!

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Car? Got it. Crib? Bought it. Job? On it. Okay!?! You don’t need no man to take care of you! And even though he was paying every bill because he said that’s just what kings do, leave that man and find out how much the mortgage really is! You independent, you got it.

2. You Can Do Better Than Him

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Now I know you and that man built a comfortable life for yourselves from the ground up, and yea he just bought you a new Benz, but it wasn’t a Bentley! Leave that man and date a rich rapper. He’ll prolly cheat, but you’ll have plenty of space in y’all’s mansion, to cry.

1. You Can Do Bad All by Yourself

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Sure y’all have a beautiful home, 5 years of faithfulness, and an actual savings account. But you wanna do hoodrat things with your friends! And you can do bad all by yourself….which you will, after you leave that king.

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