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Over the weekend the Washington Wizard’s franchise point guard, John Wall, had social media abuzz when video of him attending a Brooklyn party and throwing up Blood gang signs with his homies hit the Internets.

While many heads on social media were shocked at John Wall’s gang affiliation, NBA fans who follow the game for real are aware that the all-star has had a penchant for throwing up those same signs on the court during games. So when video of a shirtless Wall politicking at a New York City soiree and throwing up his hood emerged, we weren’t all that surprised. Heck, many Knick fans took it as a sign that he’d end up in the orange and blue (he’s not).

Still, for whatever reason, Wall has decided to take to Twitter to issue an apology for making a “mistake” and promised to be a better version of himself on and off the court.

Ok, John. Good for you?

We’re not entirely sure why all of a sudden throwing up Blood at a Brooklyn jam deserves an apology while throwing up B’s during a playoff game doesn’t, but whatever the case may be we know for sure it’s not because NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is Cuz or something. Least we don’t think.

For all we know Adam Silver’s related to Cameron Terrell or something.

What’d y’all think of the John Wall video that made the rounds on social media this weekend? Were you more offended by the hand gestures or the fact that he wasn’t wearing a mask or social distancing at a party? Let us know in the comments.

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