As we all know LiL Wayne will be locked up for some time but don’t expect it to slow CASH MONEY Records down! Birdman has stated in a recent interview with the Associated Press that he has the talent and a plan to keep CASH MONEY in business. Early next year Drake’s album & Bow Wow’s album will drop and they will release an album from their hot new singer, Jay Sean.

When asked about what he thought of the whole Lil Wayne situation he stated, “Forget rap. It’s about him right now. I got to deal with a situation I’ve never had to deal with in my life. It ain’t cool with me, but we have to live through it. We will suffer in losing my son Wayne, who we love. Him as a person means more to me than anything.”

When asked what he told Weezy after they left the courthouse he stated, “To keep doing what he loves β€” music. That’s the only thing we’ve got. You take that away from us, we really don’t need to live. Music, that’s the only thing that gets the stress off your mind to make you feel better. It’s how good it sounds after you’ve done it. The enjoyment of it.”

And as for the future of CASH MONEY and the talent like DRAKE, Birdman say that in 20yrs Drake will hopefully be better than Weezy and that’s what they are striving for, CASH MONEY isn’t tripp’n because they will work harder to make Drake bigger than everyone else. They want the best for him.

Looks like Birdman has everything under control….

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