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There’s always a debate over the GOAT in basketball, but there are so many other areas in which one can be great. So let’s give them their flowers.

5. Wilt Chamberlain is the GOAT of Pulling Out

Basketball Players Jumping for Rebound

Source: Bettmann / Getty

This man is a basketball legend. And the ladies loved him, and he loved the ladies…as in, 20,000 ladies. And nobody wore condoms back then. Ask me how many kids he has…? NONE! Listen being like Mike is cool. But if you reckless with your sausage, be like Wilt.

4. Cardi B is the GOAT of Lip Singing

Cardi B Birthday Bash ATL 2018

Source: Justinmyview / Radio One

Cardi told you out her own mouth that she doesn’t care about being a rapper; she’s just tryna get the bag. So it’s not surprising that she doesn’t write her own lyrics. But boooy she sure can memorize and perform them hoes right?? GOAT.

3. Samuel L Jackson is the GOAT of Cussing

Samuel L. Jackson

Source: Getty

Name 3 Samuel L Jackson movies you watched because they were impactful. No! You watch to hear him say he’s so sick of the MOTHA– snakes on this MOTHA– plane!! Nobody cusses better than him, and for this reason, they beter keep him on the big screen.

2. Master P is the GOAT of CEOs

Master P Hot 107.9 with Reec

Source: Vincent Davis / Vincent Davis

Every artist on No Limit got a house in their name, a car in their name, and money in their bank account. They owned their own publishing. Who’s ever sued P for royalties?? Tuh, Diddy could never.

1. TI is the GOAT of Snitching

T.I. Interview - Hot 96.3

Source: Station Provided/Radio One / Hot 96.3

Now I”m not saying that a 7-time felon with more guns than the 2nd Amendment couldn’t get caught and only do a year in jail without snitching. But I saying most people who do…told on somebody. Therefor TI is who Tekashi could never be.

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