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Every Tuesday, we’re spotlighting black-owned businesses right here in the DFW. So I”m doing my part by spotlighting places of worship…lol

5. The Basketball Court

BIG3 Basketball Playoffs In Dallas (PHOTOS)

Source: Shun Atkins / Radio One

Faith without works is dead, right? Welp, no better way to prove that you believe all the ish you talked, than to prove it on the court. So fellowship with the homies and drop that triple double.

4. The Beauty Salon

Beauty Shop World Premiere

Source: Jon Kopaloff / Getty

You can confess your sins of letting that ugly dude take you to lunch, simply because you were hungry…and you truly can come as you are, because you gone leave a better version of yourself.

3. The Barber Shop

Ice Cube And Cedric The Entertainer In 'Barbershop'

Source: MGM Studios / Getty

You wanna feel like you in one of those old black churches that last for 6 hours? Go to the barber shop. Because “I ain’t gone preach now” is the same as “oh I only got one ahead of you!” Prepare to turn to your neighbor and say “Neighbor…he know damn well I’m not next.”

2. The Club

BOOM 94.5 @ Truth Nightclub

Source: BOOM 94.5 / BOOM 94.5

Besides the Hennessy and women you come to fornicate with, you be chilling….until your song comes on. Next thing you know, the spirit takes over and you’re praise dancing to Migos and NBA Youngboy. Don’t fight it, let him use you!

1. The Corner Store

London, convenience store, snacks and sweets

Source: Jeff Greenberg / Getty

You wanna talk about communion? Baby you can get crackers, wine, and the Holy Trinity: ramen noodles, flaming hot cheetos, and jungle juice. Won’t he do it!

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