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I was at a kickback Friday and they started talking about things they knew nothing about…so I put up my church finger and politely walked away. Here’s why you should too.

5. Talking ‘Black on Black Crime’

Charlotte protesters

Source: Charlotte Observer / Getty

You ever heard the term “white on white crime?” Of course not. If you’re still too sleep to realize this is just another “all lives matter” tactic to dismiss police killing us….grab a few books and have a seat.

4. Talking About Gay People

LA Pride Music Festival And Parade 2017

Source: Chelsea Guglielmino / Getty

It’s amazing how much straight people know about gay people, considering they’re never been gay. Here’s a thought: how bout you take your heterosexual ass to a corner, and have a seat.

3. When Your Relationship is Failing

Lil Wayne Referee Incident

Source: A Plus / WHHL

So for some reason, your friends are dumb enough to talk to you about their happy relationship. And here you go telling her she should leave him, knowing your man leaves you for his side chick every Tuesday and Thursday. Go to your therapist and have a seat.

2. Someone’s Relative Dies from Coronavirus

Coronavirus Landing Page_RD Dallas_April 2020

Source: Coronavirus Landing Page_RD Dallas_April 2020 / Ione Digital – cs

We all have theories that the virus is man-made or they’re inflating numbers, but the moment the convo turns to someone’s auntie dying from it…that’s your cue to shut up. But you wanna ask about her immune system. Seriously?? After they beat your ass, go to the ER waiting room and have a seat.

1. When People Get the Unemployment Boost

Hand torn a roll of dollar toilet paper, garbage wastes financial resources, loss or waste of money, overspending, bankruptcy or crisis

Source: sesame / Getty

“Must be nice to get a extra $600 a week!” Uh…what’s nice about losing your job and having to rely on the government to live? This is basically a glorified welfare; it can be taken at any time. And it was; the boost is over. Complain to one of them and I don’t even want you to have a seat; I hope they knock you into one.

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