Happy Good Friday! Everyday above ground is a good day, but Fridays are for positive vibes, happy thoughts, and good news only! So here are some things to avoid to keep the Good Friday energy going:

5. You Don’t Use the Bathroom – Your morning routine certainly includes a trip to the potty, and I ain’t talking number 1. But noooo…you thought you’d be cool. And then bam: you blow up the bathroom at work. Don’t be THAT guy.

4. You Ask for Someone’s Opinion – You just finished this amazing book of poetry that you’re so proud of. Then you ask your cousin what she thinks, and she immediately points out everything wrong with it. Now you knew your cousin barely likes you as it is; save yourself the heartache and believe in yourself enough to know the work is great.

3. You Don’t Celebrate Your Birthday – I know you can’t go to the club. But you act like you can’t take advantage of Zoom conference, FaceTime, and Dollar Tree! So you sit at home looking stupid and mad because you not kicking it. Girl if you don’t have your own party! Acting like you got friends to kick it with anyway.

2. You Get a Piercing – I don’t know hoooooow I let my friends talk me into this belly button piercing, but I damn near cried last night. It didn’t ruin my Friday, but killing my homegirl who made me get it, certainly will. So have my bail money.

1. YOU Ruin Your Friday! – There is no one alive who’s responsible for your happiness, other than you. That means it’s your job to make sure nothing disturbs your peace. Meditate, pray, journal, cuss, go to therapy…but when you’re done, smile. You deserve it. And if you can’t do that, keep your negative ass away from me.

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