I heard some of the craziest things yesterday, and you’ve probably heard them too. So here are 5 of them.

5. “It’s Not that Spicy”

Image Of Red Chilli Peppers On White

Source: Nenov / Getty

Your grandmama put cayenne, chili, and ghost peppers in this tamale, and has the nerve to tell me my tongue isn’t about to have 3rd degree burns?? Just because you have no tastebuds, don’t risk my life.

4. “That’s Not my Girlfriend”

Wedding DIY JUNE

Source: Wedding DIY

You want your cake and eat it too, huh? This girl likes you; stop playing with her time and tell her that’s not just some girl you used to talk to…before she slashes your tires.

3. “I’ve Never Done This Before”

Silence with finger on lips

Source: Vectorios2016 / Getty

Imagine being in a very compromising position with a young lady, and she stops to let you know she’s “never don’t this before.” Girl…you’ve told that lie so many times that you almost believe it. So yea….wrap it up my guy.

2. “I’m Taking Back my Power”


Source: @JustInMyView / R1 Digital

So talking about only wanting a man to give him some butt so he can buy you a purse….is powerful…? Having sex for money is prostitution. And I’m not judging, just want you to tell the truth. The power is in having your own bag and not NEEDING a man to buy you anything. But you not ready for that conversation.

1. “lilD is Negative”

lilD 12 days of christmas

Source: vital plug media / Vital Plug Media

Me?? I do “Good Friday News,” I encourage my people to do better, and I have a huge heart. If you think I’m negative because I call people on their ish when they mess up, then you’re sensitive and probably can’t fight.

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