Tensions are rising and there are a lot of emotions are flying. We need a lot of things right now, but the biggest thing is understanding. Here’s why:

5. Companies Wouldn’t Need ‘Diversity Training’

Starbucks Introduces New Line Of Iced Beverages

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Every time a big company gets in trouble for being racist, they have “diversity training” that’s supposed to teach them to not be racist. You know the best way to learn to not be racist…? How about, not be racist?? And if we all got along, you’d realize there’s no need to hate anyone, because you wouldn’t be afraid of them. You know people fear what they don’t understand…

4. So No One’s Food Will Go Unseasoned

Freshly grilled shrimps with salad

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Everyone is always talking about who’s invited to the cookout, but imagine if everyone came. We could all have amazing varieties of well-seasoned food. And whether you like raisins in your potato salad or Tony Chachere’s on everything…you can take your pick.

3. You Might Love Yourself

Nickelodeon's 26th Annual Kids' Choice Awards - Arrivals

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Do you know how it feels to look at your natural features and hate them? You grew up thinking you’re not worth celebrating. So imagine if all kinds of people were friends and celebrated their differences. White people would stop tanning, black people would stop practicing colorism, we would realize every Hispanic person isn’t Puerto Rican…it’s good for everyone.

2. Cause I Don’t See Color

Fruit Cereal

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I mean, besides the red, yellow, and green light…I don’t see color at all. Well, my pee was very dark brown last week…but other than that, nope I don’t see color. Yea I sound stupid. We all see color; we just all need to respect everyone regardless of what that color is.

1. Cause We All Gotta Live Here


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Your neighbor, coworker, or person next to you in the grocery store could be a different race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation than you. So?? How does their very existence move you to hate them? You sound bout dumb as a bag of rocks. Listen we all live here. And we can’t “go back to where we’re from” because our history was erased.


Rest in Peace, Rodney King.

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