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With Nelly and Ludacris getting ready for their battle on IG live, I have a few artists who need to put up their dukes and hop in the ring as well.

5. Puffy vs. Mase

'Get Rich Or Die Tryin'' - Arrivals

Source: Dave M. Benett / Getty

No need to fight over who had more hits. I want them to really throw these hands so Mase can stop crying about not getting his royalties

4. Dr. Dre vs. ANY Man

Dr. Dre arrives at the Tom Ford: Autumn/Winte...

Source: WENN/Avalon / WENN

Dre is an incredible producer, but the only people I actually remember him “battling”…..are women. So it would be nice if he finally picked on someone his own size.

3. DMX vs. His Drug Dealer

HOT 97 Summer Jam 2017

Source: Taylor Hill / Getty

DMX is out here gaining weight, reading Bible verses on instagram, in love, and speaking coherently. I need him to give his drug dealer these hands, so he can never go back to crack.

2. Old Kanye vs. New Kanye

Kanye West MAGA hat

Source: Kanye West / Instagram

I know deep down, underneath the MAGA hat and the slave couture clothing line, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” Kanye is still in there, fighting to get out and make good music again. And I’ll help him fight, cause I miss him so much.

1. Boosie vs. Toxic Masculinity


Source: vlad tv / other

Boosie has girls busting it open on IG live, he put his nose in Dwyane Wade’s business, and way more. Aye bruh, we did not rally to get you out of prison for murder, for you to admit that you allowed your son and nephew to be molested.