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I got back into to town from Los Angeles the 2nd of August knowing when I left, I was 185 lbs. To step on the scale and see 196 lbs, 4 lbs shy of what I was when I was pregnant with my daughter in 2004. Mind you in L.A. I felt fat as hell and was just like… ugh! So with all the personal issues I was dealing with, I decided to embark on the vegan train.

No, I never watched “What The Health” but my friend, comedian Tahir Moore was informing a few of us about the process of milk and how it is really pink when first pumped from the cow, due the blood from the cow. YUCK! I know. It was sickening to hear this, so I knew I wasn’t watching it. Then the thought of the other food thats processed that we eat. I decided, no dairy because  I wanted to see what would happen. Well, the first day at work, Imo’s pulled up to the station; I couldn’t  resist. Imo’s is one of my favorite pizza spots (It’s a Saint Louis thing). I knew then, this wouldn’t be the only challenge that I’d face.When I finally got the dairy out of my system, it was on to meat. At this point, chicken was easier than I thought. Yes, I love chicken ( no stereotype please) LOL!

I just had to realize, turkey and steak are actually delicious. Like the thought of a medium rare pan seared steak, with mashed potatoes, and asparagus.YUM! Damn, ok this was a little more difficult. So I just stopped. Yes, cold turkey;  more like a smoked Turkey leg from Six Flags would be the last meat I would eat.

That was the 3rd week of August , then it was finding recipes and researching more into this vegan lifestyle. Let  me not forget, I did stop drinking for 2 weeks. I jumped on a scale at 186 lbs. Yes, 10 lbs less than what I came back at, but not quite 185 lbs ; that I knew I was before Los Angeles. Knowing I hadn’t worked out but being aware this is just water weight. So, I continued drinking my first two bottles of water that my mom and I had been doing for about 3 years now because she researched the Japanese Water Therapy and it’s been helpful.

I came across a few helpful people, like a comedian from East Saint Louis , that goes by Willie Lynch Jr. who opened up for  Sherie Shephard and Special K. During Willie Lynch Jr. act he dropped some vegan knowledge, because he is vegan. So, I spoke with him and he talked about Dr. Sebi and his herbal practices.

So now, you’re like, “ What happened for Thanksgiving? “ , Well I went into the journey because out of all the research and knowledge , I wasn’t strong enough to resist my mom’ Turkey and my own Macaroni and Cheese. It’s cool though, currently weighing at 165lbs. As it was explained to me though, it’s not about weight, but health. I’ve decided to finish the rest of 2017 eating food but thinking about portions. I may get back into vegan lifestyle completely , but hell Trump is trying to go war and Puerto Rico is still without electricity. I might as well be happy. Just heads up, look into what you’re  putting in your body try making your own food sometimes; it isn’t expensive, that’s an excuse.

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