Happy Good Friday! Everyday above ground is a good day, but Fridays are for positive vibes, happy thoughts, and good news only! Here are some things to avoid to keep your Friday good:

5. You Don’t Eat Lunch

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They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but do you eat breakfast in the middle of the work day?? NO! You eat lunch. And lunch is what stops you from being hangry. But you left your lunch. Now soon as you get off, you’re gonna eat yourself into a coma, and there goes your entire Friday.

4. You Get Woke Up Before the Alarm Clock

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Maybe it’s just me, but I enjoy every millisecond of sleep I get. So when something happens and it prematurely wakes me up, the first thing I do is look at the clock and see how much time I have left. And every time it’s like 3 minutes until the alarm! Maybe this is why Michael Jackson put himself in a coma to go to sleep.

3. You Hate on a Stranger


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You know when you hate on someone, it’s because you secretly wish you had the one thing you’re hating on, right? So you gone spend your Friday wishing you were someone else, or you gone wash your face, put on your running shoes….and go get a better wig?!?

2. You Hold Your Pee

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You thought you could make those last 30 minutes at work, and just use the bathroom in the comfort of your own home. But then bam: accident. And even though you’re only a half a mile from your exit, it’ll be at least 15 minutes before you actually get there. All you can think about is how you should’ve used the company toilet paper and relieved yourself…then a trickle of pee comes out. So now you stuck in the car AND smell like the toilet you couldn’t hold it for.

1. YOU Ruin Your Friday

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Everyday you wake up, you have a choice: today is gonna be a good day, or today will be a bad day. Remind yourself throughout the day that every storm runs out of rain. There are enough things that happen around us; don’t allow yourself to be the reason your day is ruined. And if you do, keep that stank ass energy to yourself.

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