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Happy Good Friday! Everyday above ground is a good day, but Fridays are for positive vibes, happy thoughts, and good news only! So happy Good Friday. Here are some things to avoid to keep the Good Friday energy going:

5. You Forget Your Glasses

Cee Lo Green Performs During Jack Daniel's Launch Event At Wet Republic At MGM Grand

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Listen, you can’t see. It’s okay! But you can’t be out here wearing lashes that look like designer baby hairs, because you can’t wear glasses with those! Now you can’t go out because you can’t see. Just get some contacts, homegirl.

4. You Overdose

Woman holding effervescent tablets with her hand

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I know…I know. You can quit when you get ready. Well you probably should’ve been ready somewhere around Wednesday night, cause now you’re in the hospital with an IV in your arm. So much for your turn up. You gone be turning up cups of water an apple juice. You know…fluids.

3. Your Stylist Cancels on You

BET Honors 2013: Show

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You can’t wear this headwrap one more day. But today is the day that you gone get these edges laid and these curls popping honey! But on the way to the salon, this raggedy hoe texts you talking about a “family emergency.” Naw the emergency is gonna be when you kinap her family until she does your hair! This is why you always need a good wig on standby.

2. You Lose Your Memory

business problems

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Before I quit smoking cannabis, I didn’t remember anything unless I wrote it down. So imagine your homegirl plans a whole girl bonding weekend…and you forgot about it. Now you’re gonna be too busy sleeping and clipping your toenails to go! Put it in your calendar now, so you can plan your sleep later.

1. You Get a Pimple

Close-up of woman pointing acne inflammation (Papule and Pustule) on her face.

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How you supposed to flirt with people and get the draws, when you looking like you got the Herpes?? Who gone kiss you in the mouth besides Usher?? Now go wash your face, right now.