Times are hard for everyone, and there’s nothing wrong with pinching pennies. Here are some great ways to get it done:

5. Watch Porn

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You don’t have to tip a computer, and you certainly don’t have to pay your computer’s pimp for taking too long.

4. Watch YouTube

YouTube webpage.

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You really want those feather heels, don’t you? Well instead of spending $50 on them, spend about $8 on a feathered boa, borrow your grandmama’s glue gun, grab an old pair of heels, watch a YouTube tutorial and BAM: new shoes.

3. Cheat on Your Girlfriend

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I’m not tryna break no hearts, but it takes money to make money. So spend a little money taking a random to dinner, get caught, get broke up with…and now you don’t have to buy anything for Valentine’s Day.

2. Start an Instagram Page

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Listen I see you paying for hair, makeup, and professional photoshoots. That’s cool and everything, but have you seen the pictures these phones can take nowadays?? You can still fulfill your dreams of becoming a model….an Instagram model. And before you know it, you’ll be making money, getting flewed out to places like Dubai to spend a weekend with a strange man who slid in your DMs.

1. Buy Food Stamps

Food Stamp Story

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I didn’t say “GET food stamps.” What I mean is, befriend someone who gets stamps, and propose a friendly exchange of currency. They give people with a few kids, like $1200 in food stamps a month! They not gone use all that.  So go ahead and get you $100 for the $50.

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