Everyday above ground is a good day, but Fridays are for positive vibes, happy thoughts, and good news only. So avoid these things to keep the good energy going!

5. You Don’t Care About My Birthday

Planet Hollywood Casino Hosts Pamela Anderson's 40th Birthday Celebration

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Now I’m not saying today is the greatest day on the US calendar, but I am saying that January 17 is better than every other day. So if I don’t get a ‘happy birthday’ or a cash app deposit, I’m not saying ima hate you, but I am saying you won’t be liked.

4. Your Best Friend Doesn’t Show Up to Work

2006 Summer Television Critics Association Press Tour

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75% of your day is centered around making fun of your boss to your workplace bestie, and she has the nerve to call off because she has the flu??? How can she be so selfish??? See this is why you need a backup bestie, since your primary has the nerve to think her health is more important than being messy

3.  You Hate on a Stranger

Rihanna And The Clara Lionel Foundation Host 2nd Annual Diamond Ball - Arrivals

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You know when you hate on someone, it’s because you secretly wish you had the one thing you’re hating on, right? So you gone spend your Friday wishing you were someone else, or you gone wash your face, put on some sneakers…and go get a better wig??

2. You Don’t Make it to the Liquor Store in Time

Hennessy-Le Bottle launch

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The turn up is at your house, and you’ve told all your friends about it, and they’re coming. So howwwww did you forget to get the Hennessy?? Y’all gone turn up with flavored water and Ritz crackers?!? Go ahead and hit the store when you get off, or your friends will hate you.

1. YOU Ruin Your Friday


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Are you alive? Got a roof over your head…? Okay so what are you mad about? Everyday is another opportunity to be great, and that’s up to you! So if you’re in a bad mood right now, consider this your slap to the face: girl hold your head up, put on your big girl panties – or boy shorts- and have a Good Friday!