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Tekashi 69 took snitching to a whole ‘nother level! But that wasn’t okay. Here are some scenarios that make sense:

5. The Food Thief at Work

Young couple looking to buy a luxurious new fridge for their home with a sales rep helping them in a modern kitchen equipment store

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Refrigerators are the devil. You know why? Because people think what’s yours is theirs. Well it’s not! And even though it wasn’t your leftover Chipotle, you wouldn’t want it to happen to you. So by all means, tell it! Then make sure you keep your lunch by your side so the thief doesn’t spit in it.

4. Whoever Made the Potato Salad

Bacon and Potato Salad

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There’s nothing like a good company potluck. But if you’re like me, you keep some hot sauce and some Tony Chacharie’s in your bag. And when you look through the lovely assortment of the edible arrangements, you begin to ponder: why are there raisins in the potato salad? But you know why: Karen told you she was making the potato salad. It’s you DUTY to let everyone know to avoid it.

3. The Teacher


Source: Michael Tomlin-Crutchfield / Michael Tomlin-Crutchfield

My mommy was a teacher for 33 years and retired last May. So I have a great deal of respect for educators. But not the ones using the kids as their therapists. Look here: if your kid is coming home saying “Miss Johnson said ‘all men are dogs,'” it’s time to tell on her so she can get a real therapist.

2. Bad Kids in The Neighborhood

Microsoft at NorthPark

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You know the type: they throw rocks at cars, egg houses, and smell. Look, if you see something, say something. Tell the kids’ mama that their child is being a jerk. And when she catches an attitude with you, introduce her to these hands.

1. The Person Cheating on Your Homegirl

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Ain’t none of that “they relationship ain’t my business.” That’s your girl! Your ace! Your boo! And her man is out here doing her bad?? Oh you better snitch on him! If for nothing else, because she tried to play you for being single. Welcome to the club, sis!