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Almost everyone has lost a job before, and it’s sad. But there are some things you should be ashamed of yourself for being let go for.

5. Stealing Boxes

Chicago's O'Hare Airport Hosts Air Industry's World Route Forum

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So this was life imitating art?? I know you were trying to move, but if you don’t take your raggedy ass to the back of Family Dollar and ask for the boxes? All that stuff you order from Amazon Prime, I know you got hella boxes at home.

4. You No-Call No-Show

Tom Jones at Home

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I know you hate your job. Going there everyday drains your energy. But stupid….you don’t just not show up. You use company hours, company computers, and company internet….to find another job! Now you got nothing but time, instead of time and a half.

3. You Fight Your Coworker

UFC 200: Tate v Nunes

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I know you were tired of your pale-complected coworker asking if she can touch your hair. But you could’ve just told her no! Give her the ‘angry black woman’ face so she’ll be afraid of you. But lose your job?? Now you can’t afford your hair care products; you know conditioner and curl cream is the same price as car insurance.

2. You Sleep With Your Coworkers


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I can see one fling. Maybe 2, because the new dude was super fine. But you ran through everybody there, including the sexual harassment supervisor! Use your unemployment to get some therapy for your sex addiction. And get tested…

1. You Show Up Under the Influence

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You ever hear about NBA or NFL players getting suspended for testing positive for weed? You know how you’re like “man you making millions! Just stop smoking!” Well I know you not making millions, but you’re making rent money, right? So don’t be stupid; keep mustard, cranberry pills, and that nasty juice from the health store, so you can smoke and not get caught!