The Beat DFW Daily Video

Everyday is a good day, but Fridays are for positive vibes, happy thoughts, and good news only! So avoid these things to keep the good energy going:

5. The Twist-Out Comes Out Wrong – You had your hair braided for a week and a half, and you can’t for these curls to flow. Then you took them down and remembered you needed to clip your ends, so your hair looks like half-cooked ramen noodles. Whew. Always have a wig on standby.

4. You Forget Your Glasses – Listen, you can’t see. It’s okay! But you can’t be out here wearing lashes that look like designer baby hairs, because you can’t wear glasses with those! Now you can’t go out because you can’t see. Just get some contacts, homegirl.

3. You Lose Your Wallet – Okay…it happens. The bad thing is you didn’t upload your cards to your phone, so you can’t pay for anything. And it’s your turn to buy drinks. Who’s gonna believe you “lost your wallet?” Yea…just stay home this weekend.

2. You Fall Out with Your Netflix Plug – I don’t know many people who still have cable in 2020, but Netflix?? We’re a community of people who share passwords to all the streaming apps, so we can all watch our favorite shows. But you fell out with your homeboy and he’s pettier than 50 Cent. Now what you gone binge watch?? Shoot him a text now and apologize.

1. You Forget Your Umbrella – So you didn’t check the news, your phone, or look outside, huh? Now your jacket is soaked because you’re trying to save your hair. You look silly. Go home, dry off, and think about your decisions.