Everyday above ground is a good day, but Fridays are for positive vibes, happy thoughts, and good news only! So avoid these things to keep the Good Friday energy going:

5. You Get on a Dating App

Tinder 'Picks" Feature

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I’m all for you putting yourself out there to find love. Hell I said I’d do more of that in 2020 myself. But don’t get on there expecting to fall in love in the first 2 hours. You’re lucky if you find someone attractive in that time. Listen go out, have fun, and look for love on Monday.

4. You Get a Gym Membership

Cassius Clay Training

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Now you know I’m all about fitness. But…the first day you ever go hard in the gym….you gone need a nap and 2 days to recover. Forget going out. The only place you’ll be going….is to lay on a heating pad. Shout out to Journey Fit.

3. You Pass Your Homeboy the Aux Cord

travis scott

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I don’t care if you hit your head and the doctor said the only way to stay alive is to pass the aux cord…don’t ever pass the aux cord to THAT homeboy. You know the one: the SoundCloud rapper. After listening to his mixtape, you gone hit your head again.

2. You Get Catfished

Fried Catfish

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You told all your boys you finally met a bad chick. You can’t believe she’s single! I mean she’s perfect…on Tinder. Then you see her on Friday…and she looks like your uncle Joe. It’s 2020; if you don’t FaceTime or Skype these chicks before you meet up!!

1. Your Check Doesn’t Hit til 3am


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So you were trying to start your Friday early, aka go out on Thursday, huh…? Now you know you running low on cash and got automatic withdrawals coming out. So sit at home and stop acting like “Friday Jr” is something more than what P Skillz says every Friday

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