12 days of christmas present pamper party

Source: shutter king images / Shutter King Images

All the 12 Days of Christmas winners are invited to a Present and Pamper Party where they get their hair/nails done, we have games, food, music, and presents!

Day 1: Imunique Becomes a Radio Personality:

Day 2: Kyleah Becomes a Model:

Day 3: Isailah Becomes an Oral Surgeon:

Day 4: Eleina Becomes an Attorney:

Day 5: Ta’Nyriah Becomes a Basketball Player:

Day 6: Faith Becomes a Mechanic:

Day 7: Aniyah Becomes an Actress:

Day 8: Ke’Ryn is a Pharmacist:

Day 9: Sanaii is a Dermatologist:

Day 10: Faith is an Animator:

Day 11: Alyssa is a Teacher:

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