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That’s not Da baby that’s OUR baby!

This past  Saturday allegedly Da Baby had some nudes leak on Twitter.

What’s ironic about the nudes leaking is that they surfaced during on his birthday and during his Baby on Baby tour stop in Dallas, Texas.

It seems the ladies are getting early Christmas gifts this year because earlier this week, a sex tape allegedly showing A$AP Rocky surfaced on Pornhub.

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He quickly shut the reports down saying that it wasn’t him in the explicit clip too.

I’m not going to lie I tried to avoid Twitter like everybody else but the last leak involving DA BABY GOT ME!!!

The leak didn’t stop the KIRK chart-topper from becoming a trending topic with the hashtag #dababymeat.

Da baby took to twitter to address whether it was indeed his pictures and this is what he said.

Now, supposedly someone has claimed that the video was actually of him, but I think we all like the first story!