Happy Good Friday! Positive vibes, happy thoughts, good news only! So here are some things to avoid to keep that Good Friday energy going:

5. You Run Out of Gum – See this is why I chew half pieces. They last longer. Anyway, you saw the pack of Trident in the checkout lane but said ‘nah..I got some in my purse.’ And today your job surprised y’all with a taco bar. Now your breath gone smell like a bowel movement. Do like me and keep a pack of gum in every purse you carry.

4. You Missed Your Birth Control – You out here being nasty with that man, and decided to be…adventurous. He’s probably faithful, so it’s okay. Plus you’re covered. But you forgot that little white pill, and now you’re gonna spend your whole weekend scared you’re pregnant. Girl…..get the shot. And get a box of Magnums.

3. You Don’t Get Coffee – Okay, act like you’re still 22 if you want to. But you’re not. You’re at that age where, if you’re gonna go out all night, you either need a nap or caffeine. And since you’re working overtime, that nap ain’t happening. But you think you can just tap into your inner ratchet and make it through the night. Yea okay. 10 minutes into the turnup and you’re in a bathroom stall crying and calling an Uber.

2. That Automatic Payment Comes Out – You went to sleep Thursday knowing you were gonna fill up your tank, order lunch, and get your nails done. Forgot all about that phone bill you made a payment arrangement on, huh? Welp, next time just threaten to cancel your service; they’ll extend it a few more days and you can at least enjoy your weekend.

1. YOU Ruin Your Friday – You ever wake up and immediately things just start going wrong? What do you do? Say “today is not my day!” Stop that. Words have power. So if you say today is gonna be a bad day, guess what? Everything is gonna be bad, including your attitude! Instead, tell yourself, “okay this moment is trash. But I have the rest of the day to make it better.” That way, I don’t have to put hands on you later. Know you can’t fight.

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