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Yesterday, my Radio One family volunteered their time at the Tarrant County Food Bank and it inspired this post. We should all do our part. Here’s why:

5. It’ll Get you a Date – Everyone loves someone who cares about something other than themselves. Imagine your profile picture being you in an apron and hairnet, serving food. Your DMs bout to be full!

4. You Ain’t Doing Nothing Else! – You don’t work weekends and use your Saturday to sleep until noon, only to get out the bed and take another nap on the couch. Then watch tv, scratch, eat pizza, and not be interesting. If you don’t set your alarm clock, go serve food for 2 hours, then go back to sleep! At least it’ll force you to shower.

3. Because You’re 2 Missed Paychecks From Being in Line – So you think homeless people are lazy and should get a job, huh. Okay. If you miss a month worth of paychecks, would you still be able to cover your rent? Light bill? Water, gas, cable, food….? Now humble yourself and help out someone who needs it.

2. It’s Better to Give Than Receive – Be real with yourself: you’re a jerk. Nobody likes you, even your mama says you get on her nerves. At the rate you’re going, nobody will get you anything for Christmas, your birthday, or your funeral. I don’t have any advice for you being a jerk, but since you won’t be RECEIVING anything…..give. It’s the least you can do.

1. You’ll Realize You’re Not That Poor – So you couldn’t eat out this week, huh? Had to pull those ramen noodles out the cabinet, and you’re feeling like a failure. Go serve food at a homeless shelter….you know, a place where people with no homes live…and never complain about having shelter and a stove again.