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I went rock climbing this weekend and couldn’t make it to the top, and it’s time I become brave. Here’s why we all should:

5. No One Will Laugh at You

Golden State Warriors v Toronto Raptors

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Everyone loves to make fun of the person who chickens out. But if you face you fears…even if you lose…no one can say you didn’t do it. So go ahead and sky dive. If your parachute fails and you die…I be no one will be laughing.

4. You’ll Have a Story to Tell

Milk Spill on I-45

Source: KTRK-TV / Screenshot: KTRK-TV

Face it: your life is boring. But this time, when people ask what you did this weekend, you can actually keep their attention. So face your fears…and drive on the interstate. We all gotta start somewhere.

3. Because Fear Isn’t Real

Brazzaville Hospital, NGO la Chaine de l'Espoir, Operating theater, Cardiac surgery

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I always tell myself, fear is the inability to conquer your negative self. Once you get it in your head that you can do it…you CAN do it. And it won’t even be that bad. So go ahead and walk on glass. What’s the worse that can happen, you need a tetanus shot?

2. It’ll Make You Look Cool

Chicago crime

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Do you really wanna be the kid sitting by yourself for lunch, all your life? No, you wanna lose your virginity at some point! So join the crowd and face your fears. If all your friends jump off a bridge…y’all will have the most lit funeral ever.

1. You Might Get Some Sex


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Imagine the finest girl breathing wants to give you some butt, but you scared to go to her house because she has 2 brothers with 7 assault charges. Man you better go see that woman!! Even if you get beat up…at least you beat it up.