Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and we all need to take time to reflect on the things that have made our lives better. Here’s my list:

5. Donald Trump

Be the Vote

Source: DonkeyHotey-Flickr

Now any time someone says “it’s 2019. Racism is not that bad anymore,” I can point them to our colored-hating Commander in Chief.

4. Cardi B’s Ghostwriters

Cardi B Birthday Bash ATL 2018

Source: Justinmyview / Radio One

Have you ever heard Cardi talk?? Imagine if she actually wrote her own raps. If Cardi never thanks y’all for making her sound like she knows what metaphors are, let me be the first to thank you.

3. Megan Thee Stallion’s Knees

Springfest 2019

Source: Gabriele Moore / Gabriele Moore

For reminding us that a woman can be college-educated, musically gifted, and successful…and still twerk until she pops a vein, therefore proving to all these sexist men out there that women are not to be objectified…unless they’re objectifying themselves.

2. Kanye West Turning to White Jesus

Kanye West MAGA hat

Source: Kanye West / Instagram

Since he’s vowed to never make hip hop again, just gospel, there’s a 99% chance I don’t have to play his music again at work.

1. You, My Listeners


Source: lilD / Radio One

I truly appreciate ever single person who listens to me. It warms my heart when people say “I listen to you everyday!” Y’all are the ONLY reason I still have a job. Cause I say some ignorant stuff on this radio, and without justification that people actually listen to me, I probably would’ve been fired my second week.

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