Woooooh!! It’s National Cake Day and I’ve got some irrelevant facts to help you to celebrate; I guess?

No way you’ll guess how BIG the largest wedding cake in the world weighed? Okay I’m just gonna tell you.

In 2004, chefs from the Mohegan Sun Hotel and Casino created a whopping 15,032 lb cake! For why?! Because people just like doing STUFF! 

There are many mysteries to the well-loved Red Velvet Cake. One of the biggest secrets, is that the recipe was NEVER supposed to get out.  Story goes: There was a woman that ate a slice of what we know today as Red Velvet cake at the Waldorf-Astoria. She asked the restaurant for the recipe and they ACTUALLY gave it to her! Only thing is, when she checked the tab they charged our girl $100! She paid the tab, but she released the secret recipe to the world in revenge. 

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We’ve all heard the saying sweet dreams. Well in the 17th century, people would actually put cupcakes under the pillows of those who were single so they could “dream about their fiancé”…………I said………….

Your birthday was NEVER as lit as meditation teacher Sri Chinmoy’s 85th birthday cake! Dawg, he had 72,585 CANDLES!!!!!!!!!!! The cake was created by Ashrita Furman and the Sri Chinmoy Centre in New York in August of 2016.

SECURE THE BAG so you can afford the world’s Most Expensive Cake worth $75 million. It was a birthday cake loaded with diamonds and a hand-sculpted fondant.

You thought you loved cupcakes until you heard about Patrick Bertoletti. In only six minutes he ate 72 WHOLE cupcakes. I just hope he had water or milk to wash it down. 

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