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I’m in all the pain after a 2-month hiatus from the gym, so I need to look at the bright side. Here are some good reasons:

5. It’s a Great Excuse to Not Go Out


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Imagine going hard in the gym and every part of your body hurts. You’re simply in too much pain to go out. And the killer part is, you ain’t wanna go in the first place!

4. You’ll Outlive Your Enemies

Ozarka Teams Up With Pro Marathoner Josh Cox In San Antonio

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Yea she might’ve made your life hell in elementary school, but you 57 and running half marathons, and she’s on oxygen. Raggedy hoe. Sorry, God not through with me yet.

3. You’ll Sleep Better

"Sleep Podcaster Toby Baier

You think you need that glass of wine to get to bed? Yea okay. Go do a HIIT workout for an hour. You’ll make love to your pillow like no man ever could.

2. You can Listen to Music Uninterrupted

A Different World

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You know why I never ride with people? They way they play music. Play a song for 12 seconds, skip to the next one. Play for 12 seconds, next song. Oh my GOD. But go to the gym and they wouldn’t dare interrupt a song in the middle of you dying. How considerate.

1. You’ll Have More Stamina


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Everyone knows that working out boosts your energy. Now imagine actually having the stamina to go harder, perform better, and last longer….for the next workout! Get your mind out the gutter.