I did a deep cleaning of my house Sunday and learned some things about myself.

5. You’ll Save Money

Credit cards and dollars in cash

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The only reason your house is messy is because you keep buying stuff! Shoes, clothes, everything at Five Below…throw it away and save your money.

4. You can Reminisce


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When’s the last time you did a REAL cleanup? I found fortune cookie fortunes, change for a dollar, and pictures from 2 cities ago. I was cute in 2014!

3. You’ll Feel Like an Adult

Woman in Business Clothes in Studio, Toronto, Ontario

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Imagine your house being dust-free, organized, and decorated. Smells like your mom’s house, huh? Look at you, acting your age!

2. You can Invite People Over

Mixed race couple sitting on floor watching television

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You get used to your own mess and it doesn’t bother you. But people leave your house and immediately say “she keep a nasty house.” Now there’s no fear of that; you can tell people to take their shoes off at the door, and they won’t laugh at you!

1. Because it’s Filthy

Looks like someone was having fun

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You got dust, stains, pet dander, random paper, snacks…and that’s just the bathroom! You’re never gonna get laid in that nasty ass house. Why pay rent to look like you live outside?? Grow up.

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