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Happy Good Friday! Everyday above ground is a good day, but on Friday I like positive vibes, happy thoughts and good news only, so I call every Friday, ‘Good Friday.’ So, here are some things to avoid to keep your Good Friday going!

5. You Spill Something on Your Shirt

Procter & Gamble reports jump in profits

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I don’t know who told you to wear all white like LisaRaye, but you knew better. Then had the nerve to bring spaghetti for lunch You out here slurping up noodles, then BAM, tomato sauce all on your blouse. And you can’t go home and change; you work in Mansfield, live in Plano, and kicking it in Arlington. If you go home, it’s a whole wrap. Now go ahead and use Uber Eats for lunch. And get a napkin.

4. Your Uber Driver Get Lost

NOS Energy DUB Show & Concert 2016_MAP

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You already tell all your people “turn left in the second entrance, then make the first right, then second left, then a u-turn when you see the white Honda Civic…you can’t fit all that in the Uber notes! Go stand by the entrance before you’re late to work.

3. You Have the Runs

Man holding toilet paper roll in bathroom

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You just had to get that South Dallas Cafe for dinner, AND the dessert. Now it was amazing going down…but now it’s traveled further south and you can’t leave the house! Bruh, I promise it’s okay to get a to-go container and save some of it so you not blowing up the bathroom at the kickback.

2. You Got Served

Bill Cosby arrives at the Montgomery County Court for sentencing in Rockville

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Not like the B2K movie. Aint’ no dancing around the 18 months of child support you owe. Now you KNOW you can’t make it rain at Cab North. Might as well stay at home and think about your decisions. Now pay your child support.

1. You Sent Your Nudes to the Wrong Person

Midsection Of Seductive Woman Holding Condom At Home

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In the midst of trying to let bae see what he was gonna get tonight, you accidentally sent that P pic to James instead of Jacory. Now he’s gonna leak that nude everywhere like “Debbie Does Dallas.” Homegirl, check that name RIGHT NOW before you sit send.