Since Drake was unrightfully boo’d at Tyler, the Creator’s event, here are some legitimate reasons to boo the superstar.

5. Cause he’s a Rapper

The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards - Show

Certainly being a rapper doesn’t warrant being boo’d, but as much as Drake sings, I think he forgets his job title. Stop making R&B songs and just spit something!

4. Cause he Made His Daddy Famous

2017 Billboard Music Awards - Show

Drake’s daddy is like that one uncle you can’t get rid of, but you wish they would shut up. He’s doing radio interviews, got music videos, and it’s all so bad! Since nobody’s ever gonna pay him for a show, we gotta boo Drake instead.

3. Cause he Made “Marvin’s Room”

Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash Block Show

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

What kinda man tells a woman “I’m just saying, you can do better??” A hating one, that’s who. How you know she not happy with the man he chose?? Just like a man…

2. Cause he Didn’t Hide his Kid from the World, He Hid His World From the Kid

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - September 21, 2019

Just admit it; you ain’t wanna claim the kid cause you raw-dogged a porn star. It’s okay; players mess up.

1. Cause he Won’t Stop Dating Strippers

2016 MTV Video Music Awards as seen on MTV.

Source: Supplied by / WENN

Drake be out here falling in love with strippers, flying them out, taking pictures with them with duck lips…like he don’t know I exist! Listen when Drake isn’t singing or begging…he know he can get every part of it! Stop faking on me Aubrey!

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