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Happy Good Friday! Everyday above ground is a good day, but on Friday, I like positive vibes, happy thoughts, and good news only! So here are some things to avoid to keep that Good Friday energy going.

5. You Break Your Toe

Ballerina Pointing Toe During Stretch

Source: clickhere / Getty

Obviously it’s not funny when you break a bone. Hell it’s painful. But if you break your pinkie toe…you don’t get a cool cast, you don’t have to take days off work…you barely get crutches! So you broke a bone and got no sympathy. Next time, aim for your whole foot.

4. You Don’t Take a Nap

Ali's Girls

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Act like you’re 22 if you want to, you know you need that pre-turn up nap before you kick it all night. And you didn’t take it, so now you’re in the club yawning, checking your phone, and ready to go 2 minutes after you walked in. Suck it up grandma, you didn’t drive so you’re stuck there.

3. Your Homeboy Comes Out with an Album

Kanye West MAGA hat

Source: Kanye West / Instagram

Good for him for reaching this milestone. But you know what this means: soon as he gets in the car, he wants the aux cord. Your commute just got way longer, because you know you gone listen to that whole album.

2. You Get in a Fight

NHL: NOV 07 Blue Jackets at Coyotes

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You know yourself. You’re a lover, not a fighter. But you let your homegirls hype you up to slap fire out this chick who deserved it. But this chick hit back…and none of your friends helped. Welp, you’ll be spending your weekend with an ice pack on your forehead.

1. You Get Curved

Happy young couple

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Dude been flirting with you, responding to all your texts..clearly he’s on it. So after 2 months, you built up the nerve to just ask him out…and he tells you he has a girlfriend. How, Sway?? It’s okay; spend your Friday eating ice cream and watching Love and Basketball.