People act like I’m crazy for having cats, so let me encourage you to not knock it before you try it.

5. You’ll Become a Great Debater – Have more than 1 cat and people think you’re a cat lady. Have 3 dogs and what does that make you?? You’ll have plenty of time to figure it out, because nobody will visit you. Speaking of which…

4. You Never have to Worry About People Coming Over – People will try and pet your pitbull that just did a bid in the quarantine, but won’t even visit if you have a cat.  That’s cool; I don’t like putting on pants for company anyway.

3. You Never Have to go Out in the Winter – It’s midnight and 20 degrees outside…and you gotta take Fluffy out to pee. Not a cat. They have a box. Won’t even wake you up.

2. You Can Come and Go as you Please – Go on vacation for a month, work a 12-hour shift…it doesn’t matter, you have a cat. They don’t miss you, aren’t thinking about you, and won’t greet you at the door. Live yo life.

1. You’ll Find Real Love – Men act like cats are gifts from Satan. So if you find one who’s willing to date you, in spite of having one…that’s your man girl.

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