Every day above ground is a good day, but on Friday, we like positive vibes, happy thoughts, and good news only. So happy Good Friday! Here are some things to avoid to keep the Good Friday vibes going:

5. You Lose Your Lotion


Vaseline Aging Skin Rescue

Source: N/A / Unilever

I don’t care how moisturized you were at the crib…it’s cold outside. You know what happens soon as you step outside: POW, return of the ash. Now you out here looking like you bathed in asbestos. Put that travel size lotion in your bag NOW.

4. You Get Roaches

Roach Milk

Source: Forbes / Forbes

You’re a grown woman. You’re busy, you’re holding down everything on your own. But baby…if you don’t get those dishes in order. Too late; you got critters all in the sink. And if you SEE one, that means all 482 of their cousins are in the walls.  Now go clean up before you get embarrassed in front of company.

3. You Spent Your Rent Money

cash and handcuff on table

Source: Towfiqu Photography / Getty

You were trying to keep up with Jones’s, not knowing the Jones’s got a Section 8 house and their rent is $22. Now you finna get that eviction notice on your door Monday because you tried to ball out. Save your money next time and work on your self-esteem.

2. You Get Beat Up

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao

Source: Al Bello/Getty Images / Getty

You already too old to be fighting, but you said you got one good one left in you, and when you see ole girl, it’s on site! But what you didn’t know was she said it was on site when she saw you too. Then y’all saw each other and you got two-pieced. Look don’t be out here trying to fight nobody. Just listen to your friends and talk about her on Instagram instead.

1. You Finally Meet Your Daddy

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The

Source: NBC / Getty

You ain’t seen nothing but his back since you were born, and he showed up like it’s all good. You’re all for having a relationship with him, but not on First Friday! Look if you’re a deadbeat dad, wait until next week to finally meet your adult child.

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