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After my third book signing this weekend, I feel it’s more important than even to do what you love. Here’s why:

5. We Tired of You Complaining

I guess I don't have enough money for e-banking!

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“I hate my job, I’m sick of working for someone else, I wish I was doing this”….well do it! You make 8 hours a day for someone else; you don’t have 2 hours for yourself? If you’re not working towards your dreams, they’ll be dreams forever. And people gone start ignoring your calls.

4. It’s Cheaper Than Commissary

Pay-To-Stay Prisons? Ohio Jails Hit Inmates With Fees While Incarcerated

Source: NewsOne Now Screenshots / Ohio ACLU

I know, I know. You HATE your job. You’re just there because these bills don’t pay themselves. But they be trying you everyday, and the day you slap somebody is getting closer and closer. Might as well take that leap of faith, before you leap into the criminal justice system.

3. They’ll Love You on Social Media

92Q Marketing Web Table - Instagram

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People love to double tap on pics of people going for what they love. So unless your dream is to be a 53 year old rapper, you gone get so many likes.

2. You Can Always Say You Tried

2 Headed Rattlesnake

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Maybe that dream of opening a poisonous snake shop ended in someone getting bit and dying a slow, painful death. But hey, at one point in your life, you were the owner of a poisonous snake shop. And no one can take that from you.

1. Because Dreams Don’t Chase You

African American Student Celebrates Graduation

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So you think you’re gonna look up one day and your dream is gonna be like “hey! I got this salary and happiness waiting for you! Don’t you want me?” Naw. If you can chase your kids about that report card, if you can chase your husband and his side chick, if you can chase your cousin who owes you $20…you can chase your happiness. So quit playing and get to work! Unless that includes sliding in my DMs and sending me music. In that case, literally forget everything I said…