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Remember the golden days before Google and social media..? Let’s take a walk down memory lane, for the children’s sake.

5. You Didn’t Take Music for Granted


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Before you could illegally download music, then later pay a monthly fee for all the legal music you could handle…all you had was a cassette and patience. Imagine waiting for the radio to play your favorite song, just to hopefully record the whole thing. That’s true fan love.

4. You Had a Bookshelf

Man Looking at Malcolm X Books

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Remember asking your mama how to spell something? What would she say? “Go look it up!” And what about in school? When your research papers actually required real research! The nerve of teachers, making you read and work hard!

3. You Weren’t Getting Catfished

Fried Catfish

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So you talked to someone on the phone and met up in person…that day?? So you couldn’t lie about how you looked, because the person would just, I don’t know…find out?!? We should go back to that…

2. You Had Higher Self-Esteem

I have found the one

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Ah, the wonderful time before Facebook, Tinder, and Black Planet. Before you could look through pics of chicks at perfect angles, you actually had to approach a woman and…brace yourself: hold a conversation with her! But when you got that number, you felt so good about yourself. You go boy.

1. You Got 500 Times the Paper Cuts

The Beverly Hills City Council And Playboy Enterprises, Inc. Celebrates The Return Of Playboy Headquarters

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Imagine being a growing boy choking the chicken before Google. And the vcr wasn’t in your room, so you gotta resort to…magazines. Paper. Still. Images. You had to do the one thing that the internet has all but successfully killed: use your imagination!