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Don’t let anyone convince you that going out solo is for suckas. Here are some great reasons that you should consider:

5. Your People-Watching will be Unmatched

Kriss Kross Out and About

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Whether you’re looking for nail inspo, new ideas for your wardrobe, or you’re just plain nosy, if you go out alone you can be in everybody’s business and they’ll be so busy feeling sorry for you for being alone that they won’t even notice.

4. You’ll be on Time

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No matter what time you said you wanted to be somewhere, you can’t be late…if there’s nobody waiting for you. So take your time and slick down your edges; you’ll get there when you get there, sis.

3. It’s Impossible to Look Like You’re Taken

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While you steady taking your bestie with you everywhere because you don’t wanna look desperate and alone, you didn’t realize he’s blocking all the dudes who wanna talk to you! Put your head up and go to the farmers market by yourself! I guarantee somebody will buy you some juice from Frootcaves.

2. You Can’t get Stood Up

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I know…I’ve been there. Planned a whole thing, and my friend stops texting back. Then they hit you after the thing is over talkin bout “omg I just saw this! I fell asleep!” Sure you did. But if you go out alone and get a table for 1, at least you know the 1 seat will actually be occupied.

1. You Can Catch Up on Your Reading

lilD Book Release Event and Book Signing Fort Worth

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We get so busy with work and life that sometimes it’s hard to just sit down with a good book. And if you’re looking for an easy read with substance, my book comes out Thursday. Click the link in my IG bio, @LILDonAIR, and register for my book signings Friday and Saturday.

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