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When I’m alone in my room, sometimes I stare at the wall….and ponder life’s most intriguing questions. Here are 5.

5. Why are highways never in the air?

Milk Spill on I-45

Source: KTRK-TV / Screenshot: KTRK-TV

State highways be on the ground like a hoe. I hit a deer once while on a highway; when’s the last time you saw a deer on 635?? You haven’t, because they’re in the AIR. So call highways, LOWays. Streetways. Something else.

4. Why is it called RUNNING the light…if you’re in a car?

Pedestrian With Dog Using Pelican Crossing On Road At Dibden Purlieu

Source: Heritage Images / Getty

The last time someone could RUN a light, in a car, was when the Flintstones were on tv. We have gas pedals now, so we not RUNNING nothing! We running our mouths, which is why we ran that red light.

3. What flavor was the white airhead?

Celebrity Juice

Source: Supplied by WENN / WENN

All these new foods with mystery flavors, and I’m still trying to figure out what I was eating when they took the color off the airheads. I mean it had no flavor, no color, no rhythm…it was just…white.

2. How come you always see cowboys…with horses?

A Mexican Charro on a Galloping Horse

Source: Gabriel Perez / Getty

I mean I guess they’re wrangling cows, or whatever you call it. But why not call them HORSEboys? And while we’re at it, all the Cowboys should be grown. Can they be cowMEN?

1. How come there’s an extra virgin olive oil, but no virgin olive oil?

Feta Cheese in Olive Oil sprinkled with Oregano

Source: Steve Outram / Getty

I mean if the olive oil is judged by how pure it is, I would think there would be more levels than either Blac Chyna or Mother Theresa. And how are you EXTRA virgin? Nobody has ever touched you at all?? Sounds like a miserable life. I don’t know if I wanna cook with that kinda sadness possessed by an EXTRA virgin.