A year later, day two of the Amber Guyer murder case took place  in Dallas at the Crowly Courthouse. The evening of September 6, 2018, the off duty Dallas police officer shot and killed an innocent man in his Dallas apartment. It sparked a nationwide cry for unarmed black men being murdered by police officers.

She claims she mistakingly went to the wrong apartment because she was tired after working overtime. Now Guyer faces a murder charge.

The trial began with the 9-1-1 call and later a body cam video from one of the first officers who responded to the call.

Prosecutors presented evidence that illudes Guyer wasn’t as tired as she claimed to be.

It was revealed Guyer was sexting a colleague prior to walking in the wrong apartment and fatally shooting unarmed 26-year-old Botham Jean. They also discovered she and her colleague deleted the messages after killing Jean.

In addition, there were distinct signs that indicated Guyer was at the wrong apartment the night the incident took place. One of the main signs she failed to pay attention to is the bright red matt that sat outside of Jean’s apartment.

Furthermore, one of the first officers who responded to Guyer’s call, Michael Lee testified when he arrived on the scene Jean still had a faint pulse. He added instead of trying to assist in saving the victim Guyer was texting on her phone.


The trial expects to last 2 weeks according to FOX 4 News. The defense told jurors, most of whom are a minority, that Guyger herself will take the stand.







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